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Mobile Time Clock Solutions

Mobile Phones and Tablets are part of the daily life for most Australians and clients of SME Solutions are taking advantage of this portability to allow employees to record their start and finish times using a smart App. which has a simple and easy to use function.

In addition to the start and finish times, employees can also be scheduled to commence work at various locations and times in the day. The scheduled locations will be given a GPS co-ordinate that matches and reports exceptions.

Payroll  timesheet calculation and supervision has been made smarter with the SME Solutions products.

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05 August 2019
Are you an Australian business owner looking for a reliable way to track employee hours? Look no further than SME Solutions. Here at SME Solutions, we have several services to help employers keep track of employee's attendance. When sorting employee timetables yourself, there's always the risk of human error.... Read more...
03 July 2019
Employee attendance is crucial to keeping a successful business. When employees are tardy or absent, the office suffers. You'll experience a loss of revenue, time, and productivity. It's best to limit these occurrences in order to boost progress.  If you've got an employee attendance policy in place already... Read more...

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