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5 Ways to Track Employee Work Time

Employees serve as the backbone of any company or business, and thus, being able to track the attendance and work hours of each employee is paramount to maximising the efficiency of the business’s work ethic. Both obsolete and new technologies have been used to track the contribution of employees to their respective businesses, but not all methods provide the same results.

Read below to learn about methods ranging from those most efficient to those less so.

1.  SME Solutions Employee Time Solution Software

The best time attendance software for business employers to invest in is the SME Solutions Employee Time Solution Software. This software contains numerous functions that work to optimise all aspects of the workplace. First and foremost, it offers full-function time and attendance systems management, but in addition to that, the software also contains additional features for administration and HR. Some of these include:

  • Time sheets
  • Scheduling/rostering software
  • Labour allocation
  • Job costing

As well as an interface for Payroll, HR, CRM, and ERP options.

The most common praise for this software over others is the software’s simplicity, which makes the task of tracking employee attendance and work time quick and easy for all. While the software contains many features that rank it above others in innovative capacity, it is still easy to use.

2. Mobile/Smartphone Clocking

Mobile phones may also be used to track work time. This method may be less effective and more vulnerable to employee manipulation, but businesses may choose to look into this option if they appreciate the convenience of the familiar technology.  The fact that it puts the attendance tracking into the hands of the employees can be seen as either an advantage or a disadvantage for employers - and the number of workers employed may complicate the method’s effectiveness. Unlike software that is not managed strictly by the employees, there is less guarantee that the hours logged through mobile phone tracking will be accurate.

3. Punch Cards

This is a time-old method that, while lacking some of the efficiency of more advanced digital software, exists as a viable option for businesses. These systems may work through the use of either mechanical or electronic devices to track employee attendance. That is, employees may use paper punch cards to clock in, or use a swiping technology compatible with magnetic card readers.

4. Manual Tracking of Hours into a Spreadsheet

While the manual aspect of this method makes it less convenient for employers, it can still be used to store data. This method may work better for smaller companies, but it exists as an option for businesses that are less inclined to venture into more recently innovated software. Simplicity of this method may vary depending on workforce size.

5. Creating Sign-in Sheets for Employees

This method of tracking employee hours and attendance may be considered obsolete to some, but for businesses unimpressed by other methods, this will get the job done. Employers should be advised that the accuracy of this tracking method is, as with some others above, not guaranteed. Employees may forget to sign in and sign out, or they may manipulate the number of hours they have actually worked. Trust is essential for those that choose to use this method.

When it comes to efficiently tracking work hours and attendance of employees in a workplace, the ideal option would be to invest in an innovative software such as that produced by SME Solutions. Other methods, while still serving as viable options for businesses that are displeased with the idea of using savvy software, offer less guarantee in accuracy and may limit the workforce’s ability to reach its fully optimised potential.

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