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The Essential Software Small Businesses Should Be Investing In

Many small businesses owners claim to prefer obsolete methods of tracking employee attendance under the guise of tradition and convenience, but using these outdated methods can often detract unnecessary time and effort from more meaningful tasks that would better benefit from it. Exploring the new wave of digital and electronic options for workplace optimisation can seem intimidating to some, and costly for others. However, when these businesses choose to opt out of the efficiency advanced employee management systems have to offer, they also miss out on reaching their full potential as a fully-optimised workforce.

While jumping into a new territory of innovative technologies may be formidable, there is one software option that has recently been deemed essential by even the most stubborn traditional small business owners.

The Latest in Efficient Employee Time Solution Software

Towering over other software options in quality and efficiency, the Employee Time Solution Small Business Edition (SBE) software by SME Solutions is being recognised as the latest and greatest in small business time management software. Through innovative technology, the software makes the various tasks involved in tracking employee time and attendance easier than ever before - without sacrificing the sophistication of the latest features time management systems have to offer.

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Benefits of the SME Solutions Software

With a software edition that is designated specifically to meet the needs of small businesses, SME Solutions’ innovative system is able to provide a number of benefits for businesses that run on a smaller scale. While many small business owners claim to feel comfortable in clinging to manual methods of time clocking, many of these businesses do not actually know what they are missing. When less time has to be invested in setting up manual employee work time tracking methods, more time can be spent on optimising all that a business has to offer not only to customers, but employees of the workforce as well.

Some of the most notable benefits the Employee Time Solution software has to offer include:

  • A simple installation process - The SME Solutions software interface can be used to work with a business’s existing payroll service, and is designed specifically to be an easy installation for even those that are less technologically-savvy.
  • No more manual timesheets - When you invest in the Employee Time Solution software, you can ditch the time-consuming task of manually creating and tracking timesheets. Highly flexible and sophisticated in its provision of features, the software offers businesses the utmost convenience in tracking time and attendance as a full management system.
  • Time-Clock Software - In ditching the manual timesheets, businesses can instead benefit from the specialised time-clock software offered by the SME Solutions system that keeps track of employee times.
  • Automatic Award Calculations
  • Possesses a Multi-User System - With a secure login feature, the multi-user system feature of the software offers convenience and efficiency for businesses that run on a smaller scale.

In addition, the SME Solutions team possess expert consultants that are available to work with small businesses to ensure that their individual needs are being met. This allows for customisation of their software solutions as needed, as well as assistance in the setup of shifts, allowances, breaks, premiums, and more.

It is understandable for small business owners to be hesitant to upgrade to more advanced technological solutions in employee time management, but when it comes to keeping a workforce running as smoothly as possible, there is no better way to go than exploring the more efficient options top software has to offer. 

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