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The 7 Most Common Time Management Mistakes That Affect Productivity at Work

Find yourself twiddling your thumbs at work one, moment watching funny cat videos on Facebook, and then entering a mad panic the next moment rushing to get things do on time? You’re not the only one. Poor time management is one of the biggest office plagues that affects workers of all industries.


To improve your productivity, or that of your employees, read on to find out if your workplace suffers from one of the following common time management pitfalls.

  1. Not Setting Personal and Departmental Goals and Deadlines

Nothing drives productivity like goal setting—especially when there is an element of competition involved.  When clear goals, deadlines, and expectations are set from the start, employees are more likely to strive for success to prove their ability to take their work to the next level. If on the other hand, a workplace fails to set goals and deadlines, it is easy for employees to fall into the trap of procrastination due to the lack of accountability.

  1. Lack of Ogranisation

Is your office space cluttered with overflowing filing cabinets, stray documents, and general office junk? Not only can a messy workplace be unsightly, it may also be costing you productivity as well. Studies show that employees spend, on average, nearly 20% of their time searching for documents rather than interacting with them—that’s equivalent to one fully work day per week. Giving your office a little bit of TLC can minimise the information overload and help your employees manage their time more productively. 

  1. Getting a Late Start

Nothing is worse than missing your alarm, hitting every red light on the way to work, and arriving late with a pile of things to do on your desk first thing in the morning. Getting a late start to your workday can significantly impact your productivity, not only causing you to start off behind but also affecting your mood and focus, especially if you skip your morning meal.

To promote timely the timely arrival of your employees, a quality time and attendance tracking software can support accountability. When employees know that their they are being clocked, they are more likely to wake up on time, arrive on time, and possibly even find time to grab a cup of coffee or tea to start their day off right. 

  1. Failing to Create To-Do Lists

Priorities, priorities, priorities. Every workplace has them, but whether or not they are followed depends on proper organisation. Creating a daily to-do list can help promote effective time management and the timely completion of all the tasks required. Though not the most fun things to write, failing to create a to-do list can cause employees to miss critical tasks, possibly forcing productivity to take a few steps backwards to resolve the oversight.

  1. Being too much of a Perfectionist

While hard work is important, it is possible to work too hard to the point that it affects productivity. Depending on the nature of your work, sometimes it is better to get the job done than to have half of it perfectly completed. Knowing when to be a perfectionist and when the added work won’t offer the same payoff can help reach personal and company goals more effectively.

  1. Failing to Eliminate Distractions

Social media, television, office gossip, all of these distractions can significantly impact an employee’s time management. Eliminating distractions whenever possible can keep productivity on track, allowing employees to get in the working zone.

  1. Not Taking Breaks

While the majority of productivity boils down to good old fashion hard work, productivity can slow to a halt if employees experience all work and no play. Science confirms that taking regular breaks throughout your workday can help you climb out of your energy slump by promoting brain activity and allowing you to recuperate creative fuel.

By eliminating these common time management mistakes you can boost your workplace’s productivity and see a greater return on your investment.  

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