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5 Ways Leaders with Bad Time Management Hurt Companies

Have you ever had a boss that seemed to be running to meet deadlines by the skin of their teeth? Proper time management shouldn’t just be a concern for the average employee, it’s an important quality for a good company leader as well.

As the saying goes, time is money—and when a leader is wasting it the consequences for the business can be severe. If you don’t believe us, read on for the top 5 ways leaders with bad time management can hurt your company.

  1. Failing to Set a Good Example

If the boss is never on time, why should the average employee be? Company culture is largely dictated by the actions of the corporate leaders, which is why setting a good example of time management is key. To make sure that every member of your business is held accountable, investing in an attendance management system software can promote productivity and save your company both time and money.

  1. Lack of Supervision

You may have witnessed the common phenomenon that occurs in workplaces across all industries—employees tend to work harder, and better, when the boss is around. If your company has a leader with poor time management, chances are your employees are often left unsupervised, hindering productivity as a result. No to mention, in some industries leader supervision can be a serious concern to ensure that everyone is following proper workplace safety rules.


  1. Inability to Step In During a Workplace Crisis

Similar to the need for supervision, if a company leader is late to work or doesn’t manage their time properly, they may not be able to step in if a crisis arises, offering their support. Leaders should expect to make executive decisions from time to time, but if they are late they can’t properly assess the situation to make the right choice. As a result, employees may be left to tackles crises on their own even though they may lack the higher-up insight to handle the situation properly.

  1. Creating a Sense of Chaos

If there is one thing that lack of supervision and a workplace crisis add up to, it is a general sense of workplace chaos. When a leader has poor time management, general employees may feel like they have to fend for themselves. Even on a regular workday, employees may need answers to questions, help with tasks, or general guidance from their supervisor but if the leader is constantly late or rushing between appointments they may not have the chance to get the help they need. This sense of chaos can create a bottleneck effect on productivity as employees are left waiting for a chance to speak with the company leader before they can continue with their work.

  1. Hurting the Company Image

Company leaders serve as a type of spokesperson for a business, impacting its reputation as a professional institution. If your company leader is not held accountable for proper time management, they may harm your company’s image by showing up late to important meetings, and if so, likely not being prepared. If you want to protect your company’s reputation, it is important that your leaders have effective time management skills so that they can meet with partners and clients without leaving the impression that they simply don’t have time.

If you fear your company leaders are struggling to manage their time properly, a time and attendance tracking software may be just what your company needs to ensure that every workplace member right on schedule.  

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