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Why Your Time Management Should Be Effortless

Time management is a deceivingly difficult task. It seems everyone has tips and easy strategies to make time management a breeze, and yet hours seem to slip away when you’re sitting at your desk; focusing too long on the perfect wording for an email and subconscious procrastination takes away precious time from a crucial project due tomorrow, leaving you scrambling at the end of the day to throw together the needed information. A thorough and effective time management strategy is an absolute must to ensure that you can complete the assignments that matter most.

Time management plagues and minimizes productivity on a company-wide level. Ineffective shift scheduling, difficult to navigate payroll systems, a lack of understanding of company-wide attendance and pay software, and human resource management can eat away at the productivity of each and every worker in small businesses or entire industries, leading to a continually growing pocket of wasted time that could have been spent on important company work.


Every company and every individual has a different strategy for time management, and finding which works for you is a trial and error process. We’ve included a list of four time management strategies for small changes you can make in your everyday life; test them out as you can and see which ones work for you,

1. Complete Your Most Important Tasks First

Productivity gurus swear by this rule as the most crucial of them all. While it may seem tempting to get little things out of the way before you tackle that big project, it’ll almost inevitably lead to you not having enough time to complete the most important task with the attention it deserves. By completing and delegating the most important tasks as soon as you sit down at your desk, you’re able to be sure it gets finished properly and completely, and can compromise on the less important tasks.

2. Say No

Especially as you start with a company or firm, you may be tempted to take on every project someone offers or asks you to complete. This can drive you into a rut and scramble your brain until you burn out, leaving you with absolutely no motivation and a heap of projects that need to be finished ASAP. When you learn to say no to the odd jobs and ends that colleagues ask of you, you’ll be able to devote more time to the tasks that you truly care about. This also includes rejecting the great client that comes along but demands more than your company can offer; know your own limits.

3. Small Details Won’t Make or Break a Project

Many of us tend to be perfectionists with tasks that seem important, nitpicking every word choice, color, and image of a presentation and spending hours perfecting our presentation voice and inflection. Try to press onwards even if a paragraph hasn’t been thoroughly edited and perfected. Trying to ditch the perfectionist attitude will help you dedicate more time to getting assignments done. That way, you can give clients great clients and services while staying on your planned timeline.

4. Consider Engaging a Workforce Manager

On a larger scale, services are available to help entire businesses better delegate their time to maximize efficiency. SME Solutions offers integrative software to help an entire company run more effectively. Their software systems help businesses to manage time clocks, shift scheduling, and employee self-service with maintained support to be sure that your previously wasted time can be capitalized on.

Finding time management strategies can be hard, but incredibly rewarding. Designing your own personalized time management plan can help reduce stress and give you more time for activities outside of work, or can help you have time to take on that one big opportunity that could skyrocket your career. Contact the experts at SME Solutions at to learn how you can take your business to the next level in efficiency and productivity so they can deal with the nitty gritty while you can spend more time working on the tasks that matter.

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