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Why Employees with Poor Attendance Affect the Workplace

Employees operate as an interconnected web, constantly in flux and affecting each other. The poor attitude and negative influence of one employee can trickle throughout the entire system, subconsciously (or consciously) affecting all other employees. Poor attendance of a single employee can affect the entire company, leading to decreased productivity and wasted time.

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Improving your attendance system can be a crucial step to minimizing the effects of a regular absentee employee. The software designed and managed by SME Solutions can encourage more regular employee attendance, boosting company morale and allowing the web to thrive. When employees are absent, a series of events can spread through the company:

1. Responsibilities Get Reassigned

When one person misses work, even for a day, other workers need to take on their tasks to make sure the company runs smoothly. This means that workers can achieve less of their own work, and overall company productivity inevitably decreases.

2. Conflict Between Employees

Constant absenteeism can breed resentment. As other employees are forced to shoulder the work of a missing co-worker, bitterness and anger can be created, creating a toxic workplace. As employees become more interested and consumed in workplace drama and anger towards a missing worker, productivity can decrease. These emotions can also make group projects less effective, and the frustration can, if left unchecked, lead to open conflict that affects the entire company.

3. Preventing Continuity

As an employee misses more and more days, the timeline of a project that they play a role on may become skewed. Projects drag on, keeping the company from working consistently and moving forward. Additionally, missed days can keep the employee from developing the skills needed to be proficient in his or her role, leading to decreased performance.

4. Bad Perspective on Management

Chronic absenteeism without thorough punishment can lead other employees to question the intent, power, and perspective of the management team. When management allows one individual to get away with missing work with minimal consequences, other employees may believe that they can get the same treatment and attempt to miss work without punishment. Improper care of a repeatedly absent employee can make the management team appear ineffective and disorganized.

So, what?

Handling a worker with repeated absences is hard. You hired that individual because they possess a skill set that can further your company’s growth and development; it can be difficult to punish such a worker in fear that they may leave the company. But punishing wrongdoings is incredibly important to furthering the productivity of the company as a whole.

Firstly, be sure to enact and follow through with an established attendance policy. Be sure to enforce it uniformly and rigidly throughout the company, avoiding any guise of favoritism. Secondly, put more emphasis on proactive communication. Absences are bound to happen; an employee may have a legitimate reason keeping them out of work, and a compromise can be facilitated by clear and open communication. Be sure your employees understand how much the management team values proactive communication for absences or dropped work, and stress that employees won’t find themselves in trouble for alerting management to their struggles or future absences. Thirdly, attendance can be bolstered by offering incentives for stellar attendance, such as perfect attendance bonuses. Lastly and most importantly, seriously consider upgrading your attendance software.

SME Solutions offers an attendance management system that can decrease employee absence through a sophisticated but understandable check in and check out system. With this program, employees will be more conscious of their absences and breaks as they know their superiors may be tracking their behavior and activities. Advanced scheduling software leads to the minimization of error and makes shift times absolutely clear and easy to understand, drastically decreasing the chance of innocent human error affecting company productivity.

To launch your company into the modern age, explore time and attendance software and contact SME Solutions for a consultation on how their software can maximize your employee attendance and productivity.

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