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How to Address Attendance on an Employee Evaluation

Discussing data from an employee time clock software, like staff attendance, is an important part of an overall employee evaluation. Attendance management system records can help management identify a lazy or unproductive worker or a great worker who deserves a bonus. Figuring out how much time and attendance as told by the attendance management system should impact the overall evaluation, however, can be difficult.

Communication with your employees about staff attendance and employee time tracking is key. Be sure to discuss your concerns about the data from the employee time clock software; face-to-face communication is the best way to clear up an issue.


Factors to Weigh In

To get an overall understanding of how employee time tracking represents an employee’s time and attendance, a few key factors should be considered.

  1. Look at their sick days. Some employees may misuse sick days. Check through their record of sick days on the attendance management system to see if the number of days they took off and their reasons for missing work were within company time and attendance guidelines.
  2. Review their time cards. An employee may be late by two minutes every day, but more than make up for their tardiness by staying past their check-out time designated by the employee time clock software. Make sure you ask the employee for the full story past the attendance management system before taking off points for an employee’s tardiness on the attendance tracker.
  3. Check their lunch and break habits. Employee time tracking software can help you make sure the employee is following proper procedure for taking off time for breaks and lunch throughout the workday.
  4. Talk to the employee. They may be able to explain any problems you noticed on the attendance tracker when you filled out the evaluation.

How Should Their Attendance Be Addressed?

To give you an example of what we believe to be the best way to address time and attendance data from an employee time clock software on an employee evaluation, we’ve given you a few sample staff attendance comments for employees in the facetious company “Australia Software.”

An Over-Performer

“Staff Attendance: Michelle always arrives promptly on time and repeatedly stays overtime to finish up a project before leaving for the day. She abides by all Australia Software time and attendance policies. The entire Australia Software management team is incredibly appreciative of Michelle’s amazing work ethic, drive, and the positive impact she has on her peers every day.”

An Average-Performer

“Staff Attendance: Alice has a solid attendance record and usually arrives to work within the allowed 10-minute grace period of her designated start time. Over the next three months, we would like to see her improve by sticking to the Australia Software policy of a one-hour lunch allotment through the attendance management system and getting back to work promptly when she arrives back at the office.”

An Under-Performer

“Staff Attendance: When Cody is engaged in his work, he is incredibly productive and a valued asset to our team. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find Cody engaged in his Australia Software work as he is often at least 30 minutes late or spends his time taking excessive breaks. Over the next month, we would like to see Cody improve on his time and attendance by showing up promptly at 9:00 and get to work without being distracted by his co-workers.”

What’s the Best Attendance Tracker System to Measure Staff Attendance?

An employee time tracking device or attendance tracker from SME Solutions is a great way to measure employee attendance and productivity. They offer a wide range of employee time clock software and have easy to use attendance tracker systems to improve your employee time tracking. Explore time and attendance software to see how an attendance management system or employee time clock software from SME Solutions could benefit your business and make your employee evaluations more effective.

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