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Pros and Cons of a Time Clock in the Workplace

Time clocks are gaining increased precedence in workplaces to measure staff attendance and employee time and attendance. Employee time clock software from SME Solutions in Australia is prized for bringing unbiased logic and organization to a business, but an attendance tracker can sometimes bring as many conflicts as benefits.

Like any office technology, an attendance tracker from SME Solutions in Australia has a time and place in the work environment. The same system that may be incredibly valuable to one company can lead to conflict in another one. Installing an attendance tracker to monitor staff attendance has its pros and cons for every environment.


What is a Time Clock?

A time clock from SME Solutions in Australia can be called an attendance management system, or employee time clock software. No matter the name, these attendance tracker systems are employee time tracking software that records the amount of time an employee is actively working and general staff time and attendance. You can learn more about the types of employee time clock software here.

How to Time Clocks Affect the Workplace?

In some environments, an attendance management system from SME Solutions in Australia can bring as many disputes as benefits. By going through these pros and cons of an employee time clock software, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of how an attendance tracker would operate in your office.

The biggest pro and con for an employee time tracking system from SME Solutions in Australia are explained in detail below.

Pro: Keeps Employees Accountable for Their Work

Without an attendance management system, time wasted on personal technology is less easily tracked and managed. With an employee time clock software and an established guideline for breaks, employees will be more likely to restrict time-wasting activities to their clocked-out break times. Employee time tracking through an employee time clock software can help record time and attendance of your employees for increased productivity.

Con: Late Doesn’t Always Equal Lazy

Let’s say one of your employees, Jeff, lives 45 minutes away from the office. To get to work on time, he must beat the rush hour traffic. Many mornings, though, he has to walk the dog or take care of some chores, and leaves the house just 5 minutes behind schedule. As a result, he’ll get caught in more traffic. Though he shows up 10 minutes after his start time as designated by the attendance management system, he’s the hardest worker of all your employees, he’ll be punished for tardiness he can’t control.

Through the strict staff attendance rules usually established by an attendance tracker, Jeff may be punished or fired despite bringing in more profits than any other employee.

The Other Benefits and Drawbacks

There are many other pros and cons to getting an employee time tracking system to record staff attendance. These include:


  • Adds professionality to a workplace
    ● Less room for accidental or accused favoritism
    ● Easier to establish a regimented and consistent punishment and reward system for staff attendance
    ● Payrolls based on time and attendance are faster, easier, and more accurate


  • Can make management seem cold or untrusting when objective verification is valued over trust for staff attendance
    ● Time clocks may glitch or show incorrect information
    ● The company must dedicate time and resources to maintaining security standards

The Final Word

While an attendance management system may cause some conflicts, most of the negative aspects of tracking time and attendance can be fixed with open communication about staff attendance between management and employees. As long as employees feel like they can approach management to discuss issues fairly and the management trusts the word of their employees, the overarching benefits of a time clock outweigh the negatives.

To see how to get an employee time tracking system for your business in Australia, consider SME Solutions. Investigate what software and technologies they have to offer for staff attendance recording on today.

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