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Importance of Staff Attendance in Work Ethics

Staff attendance showed by an employee time tracking system can greatly affect the morale of a workplace and is often a reflection of the ethics of the employee. Time and attendance can show a lot about an employee’s respect (or lack of) for the company. While employee time tracking might seem a bit unnecessary at first glance, an attendance tracker can boost the productivity of an entire company and foster a healthier work environment.


What is Work Attendance?

Most experts in Australia define work time and attendance as the ability of an employee to be at work and beginning their day’s tasks by their start time. Whether an employee starts at 9 AM or 6 PM, an employee with good work time and attendance will be clocked into the attendance management system and working by their start time.

Why is Work Attendance Important?

The staff attendance data from an attendance management system reflects the reliability of a company’s employees. When an employee accepts a job, they are giving their word to clock in on the employee time clock software on time; if the employee breaks their word for this agreement, they may be likely to break their word on future agreements. Having poor ethics to manage time and attendance suggests that an employee may be unable to pull their weight for the company.

Staff attendance records on an employee time tracking system is a direct product of your employee’s priorities, for good or for bad. Most commonly, good staff attendance records on an attendance tracker reflect a good, dedicated employee, and poor staff attendance records on an attendance tracker indicate a lazy, unreliable worker.

How Does Work Attendance Affect Other Employees?

Poor staff attendance management system rates can create tension between the employees and the management team for a business in Australia. When an employee is chronically late or absent, the workload is increased on other employees, and conflict might grow between employees or between an employee and management. Check out this article to understand better how one an employee with poor time and attendance affects the entire company.

Why is it Important to Track Work Attendance?

By tracking staff attendance with an employee time clock software, management teams will be better able to see the trends and patterns in the work time and attendance of individual employees. Does an employee always come in late on Mondays? Does an employee repeatedly stay past their shift’s end to keep working? Both of these time and attendance patterns can be recorded by an employee time clock software and may need to be addressed by a management team, whether to reprimand or reward a behavior.

You are also better able to establish and enforce a time and attendance code if the attendance is tracked through an employee time clock software. By having a uniform code stating how many absences or tardy days can be incurred before a warning, punishment, or firing, management is less likely to be perceived as playing favorites or being soft and abusable, and employees will gain more respect for the professionality of management.

By tracking work attendance through an employee time clock software, it’s easier to see which employees are valuable workers, and which employees may be costing the business money.

How Can Work Attendance be Tracked?

An attendance management system from SME Solutions in Australia is a simple and effective method of employee time tracking. SME Solutions in Australia works with cutting-edge technology to offer the latest and greatest attendance management system on the market. With attendance management system software ranging from card and proximity clocks to biometric time clocks, SME Solutions in Australia has the right employee time clock software for your business. Employee time tracking with an attendance tracker is great for increasing the efficacy of management teams throughout Australia.

To see how SME Solutions can increase the professionality and productivity of any company throughout Australia with an attendance tracker, explore time and attendance software today.

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