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How to Evaluate Your Employee's Time and Attendance

Keeping track of your employees’ time and attendance is the first step to ensuring your business is operating professionally. While there are many reason to know where your employees are and when, having well documented information regarding day to day operations is a must for any legitimate business.


Proper employee time tracking allows employers and supervisors to trust but verify that their staff attendance is accountable for results. While no employer wants to expect the worst from those working for them, utilising a proper attendance tracker ensures that companies are not losing valued time, labour, and money. One of the best ways to manage employee time is through an attendance management system. SME Solutions offers one of the best employee time clock software systems in Australia.

Your employees may operate above board, but unfortunately, absenteeism is a growing problem in the workplace and complacency in monitoring could affect your company in the long term. Here are some ways to better track time and attendance in your company:

Identify Employee Monitoring Objectives

Each company will have a different set of goals for how and even when they monitor their employees. In general, time monitoring software is great for various different types of work. Even employees who travel for work can login to monitoring software during work hours in order to stay accountable.

Employers who supervise staff at secure facilities or are required to keep strict limits on how long their employees work (for example, to limit exposures to chemicals or other conditions) will find time and attendance monitoring software especially beneficial.

Set Up Monitoring Systems

Once you have determined the level of monitoring your business and its facilities require, install the proper time and attendance systems. SME Solutions offers everything from punch-in/punch-out systems on the web to timesheet software. SME Solutions also provides web based software for payroll and other human resource requirements.

Use Web Based Software Solutions

Utilising a web based punch-in/punch-out systems allow you to ensure that the employee has logged in to their duty station and computer. This solution also provides greater accountability to employees who are travelling or are normally in transit for work. A web based software will also allow you to grow and monitor employees at every level of the enterprise.

Use a System That Allows You to Schedule Employees

Businesses with a large number of part-time employees will benefit particularly from scheduling software. Not only does this a scheduling system help organise shifts, it keeps employees informed of their shifts, any shift changes, and keeps them accountable to acknowledging their schedules.

Scheduling also provides an organised way to delegate labour among the workforce. Many industries rely on worker flexibility and can require them to perform different jobs at any given time. Scheduling allows you to assign an employee to one task on Monday and perhaps to a separate task on Tuesday, and so forth.

Mobile Punch Card Applications

Most people have smartphones nowadays and, let’s face it, nothing is easier than getting people to use their smart devices. Employers who feel it will be difficult to get workers to punch in and out will find that their employees will be much more inclined to do so on their phones. Furthermore, by giving the employee the mobile option, it is less likely to come across as mistrust of the employee.

Some Benefits to Monitoring Time and Attendance

  • For Employers

Reduce Fraud: The greatest benefit, of course, is eliminating the likelihood of timecard fraud. By successfully and openly monitoring your employees, they will probably not be as motivated to commit fraud with their time.

Increase Productivity: The natural antithesis of less timecard fraud is an uptick in production. Employees no longer motivated by steeling will usually change their ways get the job done.

  • For Employees

Employer Accountability: Time stamping accountability goes both ways. By having recorded evidence of the time worked, employees will be confident that their employer is not interested in taking advantage of them or shorting them on their paycheck.

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