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Five Must Know Time Management Tools

The crux of any successful business is the perfected art of time management. In today’s competitive business industries, companies are hard pressed in staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest software available to keep their businesses running efficiently and ahead of the curb. These tools not only help manage time among employees, they are also a great way to track staff attendance.


In many ways, time management tools are very similar to employee time clock software. You can see when your staff logs in and even track time and attendance. Employers looking for a lower profile way to introduce an attendance tracker will benefit from these tools. Businesses who are looking for a robust attendance management system should consider SME Solutions. SME Solutions offers some of the most encompassing employee time tracking available in Australia.

Here are five helpful tools to help employers with time management. These tools not only help manage time wisely, but bring organisation and consolidation to project as well as improve communication of tasks to employees:

1. Trello Boards

Trello is a very useful project management tool. It allows managers to organise projects and individual tasks in the form of cards and boards. When employees open up a card assigned to them, it can provide them with instructions, attachments, and links to pertinent information. Trello also allows project managers to set deadlines;

The web-based software updates in real-time, that means anytime the status of a task or project is changed, it notifies all members attached to that assignment. The is a great tool for holding staff accountable for results.

2. Toggl

Employers looking for employee time tracking software will especially benefit from Toggl. This web accessible platform provides a way to track time spent on specific projects. It even allows you to record break periods. Project managers who are required to provide their superiors with quantifiable metrics on production should find this tool to be a life saver.

3. GQueues

Organizations that rely on interfacing through Google’s Gmail applications will love this tool. GQueues is predominantly used to manage operation via Gmail’s shared calendar feature. It allows employers and managers to add assignments, sub tasks, tags, and comments. GQueues allows for prioritisation of tasks and each task can be set up with specific dates or, if the task is recurring, it can be repeated within the calendar.

Because Gmail is a web based email system, GQueues apps can be used on smart devices – making the tool perfect for teleworking project teams.

4. RescueTime

This tool is strictly built for time tracking. RescueTime is a desktop software that monitors how much time you spend on individual tasks throughout the day. It also monitors time spent in various other desktop applications as well as time spent on websites and on email correspondence.

Simply start the program, and begin working. The software automatically starts and stops time for each application change on the computer. For example, if you open a word document, RescueTime will start the clock for as long as Microsoft Word is the active window. Likewise, it will monitor time spent on a particular tab in a web browser.

RescueTime comes with additional features like web blockers and daily reports for employee productivity. The Productivity Pulse feature allows employers and their employees to see productivity comparisons from the previous day – giving employees a reference point for potential improvements.

5. MeisterTask

Delegating tasks among team members can be as cumbersome as organising the assignments in the first place. Luckily, MeisterTask helps employers visually organise and assign jobs to employees. MeisterTask is ideal for project managers who are not just managing several people, but several different teams assigned to sections of an overall project.

Managers can add as many project tasks and team members as they want, then begin assigning members to those tasks. Much like Trello, MeisterTask employs the Kanban or signboard approach to visualising each individual task.

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