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How to Convince Your Employees to Track Their Time

Not only is time tracking an extremely useful tool when running a business, but it is a very important for managing your employees and maintaining a legitimate payroll. However, there seems to be a negative stigma among many employees when you try and mandate using the time sheet or time tracker. Sometimes the main reason employees seem to never track their time is because they simply forget. It could mean they have a lack of motivation, they have too much on their plate, or you don’t implement it enough for them to remember. Don’t worry! Many businesses deal with this, and it can be fixed easily. By following the steps below, you will be able to successfully convince your employees to track their time:

How to Convince Your Employees to Track Their Time


Propose Tracking Time as Something New

If you have already informed your employees either at the start of their job or at a meeting about how to track their time, it may be a good idea to re-present the idea in a different way. Propose tracking time as something new the company is doing, whether that is during a meeting, in an email, or letter. Make it seem like the company has recently decided to make tracking mandatory. By making it seem like a big deal, you can catch their attention because if you're just mentioning it on the side during a meeting or training session, it's likely they won't remember.

Even better, hold a meeting specifically about time tracking, and how to track their time. If you want to go above and beyond, get the support of your company’s biggest leaders and have them be a part of presenting the time tracking to the team. Make sure all your managers and team leaders understand how time tracking works before introducing the “new” software.

Present It as a Solution to Their Problems

While many employees never track their time because they think it's pointless or a waste of time, remind them why they need it. Introduce time tracking as the solution to all their problems, such as by suggesting that in tracking their time, they can ensure they’re paid in full for every minute of their work, in addition to other benefits they will receive from doing it.

Your employees will be more welcoming and motivated to track their time if they see it as a problem-solving solution. Another example is telling your employees if they track their time, they won't have to conduct written daily reports anymore. Time tracking will save time in the end, and make everyone’s jobs easier.

Show Them How It Overall Betters the Company

When your employees see how time tracking betters the company as a whole, they will take it more seriously. Many employees see time tracking as just an added task rather than something that truly helps the flow of the company. Remind your employees of the company’s vision, and explain how tracking their time supports it.

An example of this would be stating that as the company strives to be efficient, tracking time means automatic time sheets and easy invoicing. In addition, the company strives to be honest and transparent, and tracking time provides easy insight into how each employee works and keeps them accountable. Read the article on How to Evaluate Your Employee’s Time and Attendance to understand how time tracking can overall better the company for everyone.

Make It Easy

The easier it is for them to track their time the better. Create a seamless workflow by using SME Solutions time clock, labour costing or rostering software. You can refer to our blog on Tools to Track Time and Attendance of Your Staff to know which software tools will help your company.

Remind Them About Payroll

Either you can make it mandatory where people who don’t track their time won't get paid, or you can remind them that the more they track their time, the more accurate their payslip will be. It helps your employees know they are getting every penny worth of their effort. Remind them that time tracking will ensure they are paid in full.

In the end, motivating your employees to implement better time tracking comes down to how you present and structure time tracking into your company operations. At SME Solutions, we strive to provide businesses with payroll services, training, and support to help them run more efficiently and more profitably. Contact us today to see how we can streamline your time tracking strategies.

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