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How to Make Attendance Tracking Software Work for Your Organisation

Are you starting out a new business? Maybe you’ve been in your industry for a few years, but you have goals to make your organisation better. Perhaps you’re interested in increasing the role of technology in your business and letting the computer do the work of simple tasks for you.

How to Make Attendance Tracking Software Work for Your Organisation

Look no further than attendance tracking software.

Paper punch cards, hand-calculated spreadsheets and manually created schedules all put strain on even the most organised of management teams in any given organisation. While you can try everything in your power to remember the availability of your employees, keep track of vacation days and accurately count hours worked, you’re bound to make an error eventually.

So, stop stressing, and sign up for attendance tracking software that will improve your management and employment experience immediately.

We at SME Solutions understand that you’re busy, so let us do the heavy lifting for you. We’re experts in software that will save you time, money and hassle when it comes to tracking your organisation’s labour. When it comes to attendance tracking software, our personal favourite is Employee Time Solution. This program in particular has many functions between scheduling or rostering software, time sheets, job costing and labour allocation, to help you optimise your workforce.

So why is this software worth investing in, and how can you make it work for your business or organisation?

With attendance tracking software, you are able to be more efficient in saving time and costs, improve the accuracy of what you are tracking and finally, boost the overall work ethic of your organisation. The first step to making this software be a solution for your company is understanding its key benefits.

Save Time and Money

Every management team member or company leader knows the feeling of struggling to put together a schedule that works for both the organisation and the employees involved.

Forget doing hours of payroll, hassling with time sheets and slaving over schedules. With Employee Time Solution, or a similar attendance tracking software, you can have the deliverables you need to keep your business going in a matter of minutes.

In business, it pays to be smart. As a business owner, you understand that. So why invest in tracking employee attendance by hand? In doing so, you give away time, and therefore money, that could be used on valuable projects that contribute to the bottom line of your organisation.

Improve Your Accuracy

No longer will you need to double-, triple- and quadruple-check your work with attendance tracking software. Whether you’re making decisions for the future of your company based off of the data you have or totaling the number of hours your employees worked last week, software like Employee Time Solution can help you accurately determine exactly what it is you need to know.

Boost Morale

With Employee Time Solution, employees feel they have a role in their scheduling and clocking-in processes. By implementing attendance tracking software, you not only are letting your employees know that their presence and dedication is appreciated, you are also relieving them of the confusion and frustration that often comes with mismatched schedules and inaccurately tracked hours.

Employees are also given the chance to self-manage their time on a desktop computer or mobile device of their choosing with Employee Time Solution’s Web Punch software. This function allows employees to clock in, clock out and manage their time schedule all in one convenient location.

Your Experience Will Work for You

The benefits of attendance tracking software are practically unlimited. Whether you recognise one or all of the benefits as a need in your company, programs like Employee Time Solution can be the difference between having a good business and having a fantastic business. Understanding all that the program can do allows you to make the program work in the ways you need it to for your organisation.

Interested in learning more about Employee Time Solution and other helpful software for your business? Call SME Solutions at 03 9674 3600 to speak with an expert about getting started with attendance tracking software for your business.

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