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How We Save Time and Money with Online Pre-Employment Testing

As an employer, your time is extremely valuable. Everything you do takes time, and there are so few hours in a work day that it can be difficult to allocate every minute wisely and ensure the best productivity for your company.

It all comes down to one thing at the end of the day: One person simply cannot do it all. When there comes a point that you are feeling pressed for time nearly every day—or possibly literally every day—it's time to bring on others that you can trust to get the job done right. This way, it takes one thing off your plate and allows you to focus on what's left, so you can make sure you do it well.

But what happens when you hire someone else to delegate tasks to, and they end up doing them wrong, or not doing them at all? What about when you—or other valuable employees—spend too much time holding this new recruit's hand when they don't seem to get it, or care? What happens is your company's time and money are wasted, and you're left with someone you wish that you had never hired.

So much time ends up getting wasted in companies by hiring employees that are not truly up to the task at hand. So how can you prevent this problem before it happens?

That's where pre-employment testing comes in.



What Is Pre-Employment Testing?


Pre-employment testing refers to the process of putting your employees through certain testing procedures before putting them through to the next step of the hiring process. Pre-employment testing involves assessments that test the applicant's cognitive abilities, problem solving skills, various strengths, and more.

Many employers in today's day and age have chosen to include pre-employment testing in their hiring processes for numerous reasons. The results speak for themselves, with less time wasted and more successful hires completed! Let's look at some of the things that make pre-employment testing a great option for any employer looking for quality hires.


The Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing


Pre-employment testing offers a number of advantages to your organisation—far too many to list in a short blog post. Here are some of the biggest things you can expect to see after implementing pre-employment testing into your hiring process:

  • More Competent Hires: With pre-employment testing on your side, you can find the candidates who possess the skills and strengths required of the position you are trying to fill. As a result, you will find more competent hires who have the skillset you are looking for and who are ready to tackle the challenges of their new position.
  • Shows Interest and Dedication: These days, putting up any job listing means you are going to be flooded with applications—only a fraction of which are truly qualified and capable of the job. By including pre-employment testing, you can weed out those applicants who are unwilling to go the extra mile and put time or effort into earning the job position you have available.
  • Time Saved: By avoiding hiring a candidate who is unfit for the position, you will end up saving yourself the time of bringing them in for an interview at the very least. However, it could also end up preventing the huge loss of time that would result from hiring that person. This way, you won't need to spend the time and resources on training them, only to end up having to do their job yourself when they're unable to grasp what the position demands. This also ends up saving your organisation money, because you know how the saying goes: "Time is money."

The Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages that come with incorporating pre-employment testing in any hiring process. To avoid a lot of wasted time and money, not to mention hassle and stress, pre-employment testing is a great option for any organisation!


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