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Motivate Your Team to Track Time

Time-tracking entails a multitude of benefits for both employer and employees – but if you’re making the switch to time-tracking from previously not, you may need to explain to your team why the new system is important and beneficial.

Hold a meeting with your employees to introduce the new system and get everybody on board by showing why tracking time is necessary within business.


Here are some of the top motivations for why your team should track their time, and how time and attendance software streamlines business operations to everyone’s advantage.

1) Equal Delegation

Ensure everyone in the team is pulling their weight and producing their best work. This is important for you, the employer, so that you can see when someone isn’t fulfilling their potential, or just needs a helping hand in a certain area.

It helps your employees by delegating tasks fairly, so that nobody should be left to deal with most of the workload. If everyone shows they have worked equally on a task, everyone will be satisfied.

2) Fair Pay

Especially if your business runs on shift work, time-tracking ensures everybody is paid fairly for the amount they work. If one person volunteers for overtime, they can rest assured that their wage will reflect this. Similarly, if people are consistently late or off work, they won’t be paid the same as those who turn up on time.

3) Track Expenses

Time equals money – as a business owner, you will know this more than anyone. That’s why keeping track of employee’s time is synonymous with tracking your projects’ budgets.

Setting goals for work hours and budget expenditure on each project is integral to working out where your money is going and that you’re turning a profit. Explain to your employees that keeping account of the hours they spend on each project ensures the company can stay within budgets and targets.

4) Recognition & Reward

Setting targets also means that employees can be adequately recognized and rewarded for completing them. Set incentives in your workplace to praise your team for the hard work they do in helping to ensure the business is a success.

5) Save Time & Money

Time-tracking software means you can throw away messy and inconvenient paper records and totally streamline your HR processes. Everything is done online on one database, so that your secretaries and assistants can find everything they need in one place. No more loss or misplacement of important files.

This software saves money on paper, printing, and your employees’ time – a revolution for your business!

6) Track Time Anywhere & Everywhere

SME Solutions software works across all devices; not just your office computers. If your employees have to work out of office, from home, or attending client meetings, they can track their time simply and easily on a mobile device, laptop or tablet. This completely removes the fuss of having to clock in and out whenever somebody needs to leave the workplace. 

7) Simple Timetabling

Ensure that everyone knows what they’re doing and when they’re doing it. Set daily or weekly timetables for each employee or have your team delegate tasks between themselves.

With the efficient scheduling process offered by time and attendance software, everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. There will be no more confusion over the timetable of your next meeting, or who is working on each project. Simple, easy to use graphics map out individuals’ calendars, to chart working hours, projects and days off.  

8) Scale & Grow

This software is designed to grow as your business grows – starting from 5 employees to 5,000. The interface stays as easy to use as you take on more staff, so no need to worry about it becoming redundant.

9) Boost Morale

With timetables, attendance and tasks visually laid out, morale will be significantly improved. People love to know precisely what is happening in their jobs, and with this software, progress can be tracked, and future work mapped out in a clear manner. 

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