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6 Secrets to Effective Communication in the Workplace

Smart employers know that effective communication is necessary to retain employees, smooth out processes and even ensure safety in the workplace. Open channels of communication are essential to a healthy working environment where everyone understands each other and are comfortable talking through gaps in knowledge and asking for help.


Here are some simple ways you can improve communication throughout your business, facilitating a healthy, happy workplace that your staff are pleased to be part of.

1) Open-Door Policy

The workplace atmosphere depends on the attitude of the people in charge. As the boss, you can create a relaxed, open channel of communication within your team by implementing an open-door policy to your office. Let your employees know that they can always come to you with any issues or questions and that you will endeavour to work with them to find a solution.

This is essential for your staff to feel comfortable and valued at work – feeling unable to address any problems you’re having with your boss leads to poor staff retention and low motivation levels.

2) Conflict & Resolution

There will always be disagreements in the workplace; that is unavoidable. In some ways, it’s a positive reflection of how your team benefits from different opinions and ideas. What’s important is that conflicts are resolved fairly. Ensure both sides of the argument are backed up with fact and/or reason, and that it’s purely professional, not personal.

As the boss, you should always ensure everyone knows the benefit behind eventual decisions – that you’ve chosen the best solution for the company and the staff. You can’t always please everyone, but make sure everyone gets their turn to be pleased.

3) Praise & Thanks

Feeling happy in the workplace spurs employees to progress, ensures they take pride in their work, and means they want to stay in the job. Thank your employees for a job well done so that they know their hard work is appreciated. A positive working environment is cultivated as a result. There is nothing to lose!

4) An Equal Approach

Get the best out of all your team members by treating everyone fairly, catering to all working styles, and ensuring everyone has an equal workload. Distribute tasks evenly using time-tracking software.

Encourage people to speak up but understand that not everyone is comfortable pitching in with a debating session. Less outgoing people tend to shy away from butting into discussions, meaning their good ideas go unheard. In meetings, thank people for their input and assure them that their suggestions will be considered.

Perhaps tell your staff they can come to you with anything they want considered before a meeting, or have people write things down to be discussed. This way everyone gets their say in a way they can get on board with.

5) Hold Regular One-to-Ones

Hold regular private discussions with each individual in your team, to gain their feedback and discuss their role in a ‘safe’ environment. Don’t think that everyone is happy and doing well just because they don’t bring up issues – they might not want to raise it themselves.

Even the most extroverted person will have reservations about bringing up sensitive issues in front of everyone else. Asking how each person is doing generally, what they want to achieve and how they feel things can be improved is a huge asset to you and them. You get to know your team on a personal basis and learn more about how they work – a win-win for all.

6) Revamp Your Online Communication

Rather than old-fashioned formal emails, instant messaging can revolutionize and relax your workplace environment. No longer will you dread checking your inbox to find lengthy email chains, some of which don’t concern you.

Using platforms like Slack or Skype to send short messages to anyone within the business is time-effective, removes the need to be stiffly formal, and allows everyone to get their jobs done faster. 

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