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Best Methods for Effectively Rostering Your Staff

You’ve worked hard to grow your business to the place it is now. And while you’re reaching great success already, there are always ways that a company can improve. A major player in any plan for continual growth and enhancement is a thorough examination of your staff rostering protocol.

When businesses start out, it is understandable that time and attention are going to matters other than rostering methods. But if you wish to maintain a steady and reliable stream of business and simultaneously keep staff morale at a high level, assessing your system for building schedules and communicating with your staff can be an important aspect of your mission. 

Here, we’ll go over some basic considerations to ensure your rostering system is as effective and thorough as possible.


Utilise Time-Tracking Software

There are many great options for time and attendance software on the market today, and one of the top products we are fortunate to provide right here at SME Solutions. Without high-quality clocking, labour costing, and rostering software, it can be incredibly tricky and time consuming for your team to plan an effective roster. Plus, without the help of carefully crafted rostering programs, the margin for human error is greater, meaning there is a higher chance time and energy will be wasted making adjustments and fixing problems down the line. Investing in the best software now can save your company time, money, and loads of frustration in the future.

Our team at SME Solutions is proud to provide excellent rostering and time and attendance software and support to over 500 clients across Australia and New Zealand. 

When businesses choose our services, they will receive their desired supply of time clocks, as well as full installation services for payroll interface software. Our team provides training for your staff, so all parties fully understand how to utilise the software programs. 

Plus, we offer ongoing maintenance if ever issues arise with your system. It is our mission to keep your business up and running as smoothly as possible. With our software and support, your current stress and frustration with rostering will be a thing of the past. Click here to learn more about SME Solutions’ software and payroll services

Prioritise Transparency with Employees

Establishing and maintaining trust with your staff is paramount if you are going to retain the employees you have and ensure morale in your business stays high. When employees feel included in decision-making processes and their opinions are listened to, a deeper sense of solidarity is fostered that leads to a happier staff and therefore more satisfied customers. This is especially true when it comes to designing a successful roster for your team.

When employees request time off, take note and work that into the designated schedule as soon as possible. This way, managers can communicate the needs of the business to the employee in relation to their time off request, allowing both the individual and the company to make any necessary adjustments well in advance. This type of open communication and prioritisation of staff requests creates a trusting work environment and shows employees that the company cares about their life outside of work as well.

Additionally, it is often a good idea to share roster options with the staff before final schedules are sent out. While this will not work with every type of business and the ultimate decision should prioritise the business needs, some employees genuinely feel more productive at certain times of day or have preferences for some shifts over others. If you can run a successful company and also appease your staff, why wouldn’t you? 

Plan for the Worst

 No matter how perfect your roster may be set up, there is always a chance something unexpected may come up. Whether sudden illness or a family emergency, life keeps trucking along for your staff outside of work. 

An essential component of any successful roster is the inclusion of a backup plan. This way, the company can still operate effectively without placing too much of the burden directly on the managers or staff to cover for an unexpected absence. Thoroughly mapping employee availability and ensuring all employees know the guidelines for shift swapping can make this an easier process for everyone involved.

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