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5 Methods to Engage Employees In Your Company

One of the biggest issues facing business owners is retaining their employees. Unfortunately, employee retention is no longer a given nowadays. Many companies face high turnover rates as employees look to work with companies that make them feel seen and cared for.

Retaining employees is equally important, if not more so, than recruiting them. With the cost of turnover being so expensive, most employers are looking for ways to get employees to stay at their company as long as possible. This is why a creative and successful employee engagement plan is so important. The following are 5 innovative methods to engage employees in your company.

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1. Engagement Starts with Training

The hiring process is expensive with money and time spent looking for a replacement. Then you also have the cost of employee training to consider, once the right hire has been found. This means you need to start getting an employee engaged with the company the moment they are hired.

Training them in their role is, of course, important. But productivity is more than knowing how to do a job and doing it well. It's about commitment to the company. To get employees fully on-board with your company's mission, you can fill an employee’s training with information about the culture of the company. This helps new hires feel like they are part of something. It is the little things that plant the seeds of long-term commitment to a company. 

2. Strategise Time and Attendance Software

Employee time clock software helps to stay on top of and to track the efficiency of employees. But it can also be strategised in engaging ways.

It all starts with training employees about this software. This will make them aware that the company values their time and is also aware of how they spend their day. Beyond time-keeping for the company, however, employees can also use this software to track their hours, sick days, and accumulated days off. They can save up their time off for family vacations without hurting their paychecks. This helps to incentivise their timeliness and reliability. By showing them how to make time and attendance software work for them, you can give a little and get a lot in return.

3. Provide Employees with Healthy Options

An employee’s health should be a major concern, especially when you look at the costs of providing employees health insurance. Many larger companies provide an employee cafeteria somewhere on the property. However, these are typically lacking in options for healthy eating. This is one way that you could get your company to stand out above the rest.

Instead of merely providing a decent salad bar, you could provide a wide selection of healthy food options that are high in protein and low in fat. You might also cater to the recent gluten-free craze. One popular trend among top companies are small kiosks with healthier snacks like granola, yoghurt, or fresh fruit. This will not only keep employees feeling great and more engaged as they work, but it will also help reduce healthcare costs.

4. Focus on More Than Just Work

Ultimately, your employees are at work to do a job. However, the larger your business becomes, the harder it will be to see individual employees as more than just a worker. This is why there has to be a balance between work and life. 

Providing employees with a balance between work and life will reduce stress and will make them feel more energized at work. Some ideas would be to offer flexible working hours or a work-from-home scheme.

5. Have Fun at Work

The reason team building exercises have been around as long as they have is because they work. Putting employees and their superiors into a social environment helps to add a human element to work. This can range from after hours get-togethers to participating in fun activities away from the office. Examples could be to take employees bowling or to see some type of creative activity.

The point is that by encouraging socialising, employees will converse and hopefully find some common ground with fellow workers. This human element ensures employees realise the job is more than just a job but something to care about.

The Takeaway

It is a difficult job building the best possible workforce for your business. However, once you find the right team, you can be very productive. This is why it is so important to focus on employee engagement. Remember then that a happy employee is ultimately the most productive one.

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