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Employee Time Clock Software for Small Business – Australia and Asia Pacific

SME Solutions offers a variety of job costing software and time clocks to suit the small, medium and enterprise business in Australia. We have software solutions with clocks suitable for anywhere from large shop floor to small business, which are fully integrated with Employee Time Solution our time and attendance software. Or if you just want a simple clock system, we can do that too with our Software as a Service web solution with clock and payroll interface.

Our solutions come with functionality, time clock software to suit most needs but if you have specific requirements for time clocks Australia-wide, our support services by the national help desk of SME Solutions can cater for your needs. Contact us on 03 9674 3600 with your requirements and we can find the right solution for you.

Card and Proximity Clocks

SME Solutions provides a range of clocks that can work with most existing card and proximity systems in Australia.

SME Solutions have a variety of clocks that can track employee time as well as shop floor labour costs. Swipe cards, proximity readers, using the keypad to enter codes, or equipped with a hand-held scanner, they are ideal for job and department allocation, accurately recording shop floor information as easily as time and attendance data. A full range of customisable reports in our Employee Time Solution software will provide valuable insight into the captured production and labour data. With built in TCP/IP communication, it is easily connected to your networked environment. Multiple reader options accommodate proximity, barcode, magnetic stripe, Weigand, HID, Indala, and iClass Mifare Smart Card badges and many more.

Biometric Time Clocks

Put an end to “buddy punching” and eliminate the frustration and cost of managing employee badges for employee time clocks with our biometric solutions. Biometrics technology is an irrefutable verification or identification of a person by various physiological characteristics, which cannot be transferred or copied.

A biometric time clock for your small business helps you:

  • Accurately verify and authenticate the identity of every employee
  • Save time and money spent on managing swipe cards
  • Enhance security and eliminate buddy punching

SME Solutions offers the most popular biometric terminals as data collection options to work with the Employee Time Solution system: fingerscan and hand geometry.

Hand Biometric

Hand Biometric terminals work by measuring the physical size and shape of each employee’s hand, converting the data into mathematical equations and storing it as a template, then matching it to their actual punch. Ideal for businesses of any size, the Hand Biometric can handle simple in/out punches as well as capture accurate labour costing information.

The Hand Biometric series grows with your business, offering optional employee capacity upgrades and TCP/IP connectivity for network environments.

Finger Scan Clocks / Finger Print Clocks

Our fingerscan clocks, also known as fingerprint clocks have all of the features of a full-function data collection terminal, but also provide for enhanced security. The feature-rich fingerprint terminal not only provides attendance and job reporting capabilities for multiple-level data collection by individuals or departments; it also enables your organization to monitor and record employee movement within the organization plus HR information.

Mobile Phone and Tablet Apps are available for employees who work outside the office environment.  These Apps allow employees to record start and finish times, job and labour allocation of times.

Management has the ability to schedule employees to start a nominated Grid Reference and exception reporting when recording of times is outside of this the schedule grids.

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