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A Workplace without Advanced Workforce Time Tracking is Less Efficient

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If you run a small business without attendance record software, your management team probably spends hours each week sifting through paper timesheets and making complex calculations. While you try to be as accurate as you can be, human error is inevitable in employee time clock software – there will be times when you accidentally count an employee’s hours wrong, lose track of labor costs, or forget someone’s requested vacation days.

These errors add up and cost you even more precious time, decreasing your workplace’s efficiency. There’s a better way to manage staff resources, calculate hours, and keep track of a project’s progress – by using employee time and attendance software from SME Solutions, you can sidestep these obstacles and create a more productive business environment.

Employee Time Solution is our preferred time and attendance tracking software solution for businesses. It delivers full-function time and attendance software management with many HR and administration features, such as scheduling or rostering, time sheets, job costing and labour allocation, to help you optimise your workforce. A powerful and flexible management system, Employee Time Solution addresses every aspect of your workforce management cycle, from data collection, to workforce scheduling, time sheet to time tracking software and labour data management and approval, to payroll preparation.

Options on top of the standard installation include:

  • Scheduling Software
  • Labour Allocation
  • Timesheets, Web Punch and mobile time application
  • Interface - Payroll, HR, CRM and ERP

Take Your Business to the Next Level with the Best Time and Attendance Software on the Market

Now imagine the opposite – envision a workplace where the calculations are done for you, where you don’t have to worry about human error because advanced time track attendance software is doing all the work.

Imagine a workplace where every staff’s information and preferences – their vacation days, availability, and benefits – are all in one easy to view place. No loose paper to lose track of, no more payroll errors. No more wild guesses about the progress of a current project – you have a wealth of data at your disposal to pinpoint a near exact completion date. This is how efficient your business could be with the best time and attendance software — the employee time management software from SME Solutions.

Web-based Time and Attendance Software for Your Entire Enterprise

Employee Time Solution has been developed with a scalable, multi-tier architecture using Microsoft’s MS SQL Server. It is robust and flexible enough for mid-size and larger organisations requiring an enterprise-wide system.

Employee Time Solution Web helps our clients cut costs by enabling deployment of the application and upgrades on a single server to hundreds or even thousands of users in multiple facilities, without client-site installation. Designed to scale and grow with companies with as few as 5 employees to more than 15,000, Employee Time Solution is ideal for businesses of any size.

An Employee Attendance Tracker with Great Features and Even Greater Benefits

So far, we’ve shown you nearly all the great features that come with SME Solution’s attendance management system, including:

  • Comprehensive Employee Scheduling
  • Detailed Rostering System
  • Accurate Time Sheets
  • Keep Track of Job Expenses and Labor Allocation
  • Easy Payroll Preparation
  • Workforce Ready

It’s probably safe to say that by now, you understand what our time employee attendance tracker can do. But what does it mean for you? How will cutting edge time & attendance tracking software fit into your business and make things significantly better for you as an employer and your organisation as a whole?

  • Save Time: The time that you used to spend creating schedules and tallying hours will become time spent growing your business and devising new marketing strategies when you implement a time attendance management software.
  • Improve Accuracy: Wise business owners make decisions based on hard data whenever they can. An attendance tracker provides that data, such as how long it takes to complete a project, for easy analysis so that you can choose the best way to move your business forward and tackle the next big thing – no more guessing.
  • Improve Employee Morale: By getting rid of stressful and confusing paper schedules, our time and attendance software can actually boost your staff's morale. Everyone in the workplace will appreciate the much less frustrating scheduling system.
  • Save Money: Our solutions aren’t just convenient – they actually contribute to your company’s bottom line. The ability to put more of your time and energy into your company’s projects directly translates into an increase in profit.  

Advanced daily tracking software doesn’t just benefit you as an employer – it makes your staff's lives better too. No more copying down the schedule on the wall in the breakroom and being unable to double check schedules outside of work. With our software, employee can access their schedules anywhere from their mobile devices. 

  • Get Paid on Time: As an employee, you can relax knowing that your paycheck will be accurate and on time every single time with our state-of-the-art attendance system.
  • Employee Empowerment: Using our Web Punch attendance system, you can clock in and out remotely from your PC or mobile device. Giving remote employees the ability to record their own time and work expenses empowers them to self-manage rather than rely on HR.
  • Save Money: This is not a typo – not only does your employer save money using employee attendance software, but so do you as an employee! With our easy-to-use timesheets software, employee can log travel and other work-related expenses so that they can quickly and accurately be reimbursed.

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Main Features of SME Solutions Time and Attendance Software

What Can Employee Time Solution Do for Your Business?

  • Save on payroll costs by eliminating errors, oversights and manual processes, automating work rules and accurately calculating employee hours
  • Optimise employee resources, automatically assign schedules and ensure proper shift coverage with Employee Time Solution Scheduler
  • Effectively manage leave entitlements with Employee Time Solution Accruals (Leave Management)
  • Enable remote workers to clock in and out on their PC’s or mobile with WebPunch or record elapsed time and expenses with Weekly Timesheets, part of Employee Time Solution Professional module. With full-function Employee Self Service capabilities, this module empowers employees and saves valuable time of HR administrators.
  • Easily manage, implement rule and policy changes centrally, and communicate these & other HR correspondence such as absence requests and approvals, with Employee Time Solution Letters
  • Calculate job costing costs in relation to jobs/projects/departments with Employee Time Solution Labour Allocation

Labour Allocation, Rostering Software

Our Rostering System is designed to collect, analyse and track multiple levels of labour distribution and job allocation information, the Employee Time Solution Labour Allocation module enables both supervisors and management to actively monitor labour costs within your organisation. By enabling employees to input data at the clock, mobile or at a PC, you can accurately track labour costs associated with each aspect of a job or production. Monitor activity as it happens and make more proactive business decisions.

Benefits of Employee Time Solution Labour Allocation:

  • Calculate all labour costs up to the minute
  • Choose a single level configuration or set up multiple levels for in-depth operation details
  • Job transfers may be entered at a PC, at a terminal, or captured by a hand-held barcode scanner
  • Monitor, identify any variances between actual employee attendance totals, and reported job hours
  • Integrate with existing systems and infrastructure

Interface – Payroll, HR, ERP and CRM

Employee Time Solution has seamless integrations with most payroll software to ensure that payroll information is transferred quickly and accurately into your system. SME Solutions time and attendance solution has already developed interfaces to many of the leading Australian payroll systems.

Benefits of Employee Time Solution Payroll Interface:

  • Eliminate payroll errors cause by manual entries
  • Reduce the time and risk of running payroll
  • Multi-level validation of hours before importing to payroll
  • Caters for multiple pay periods and payroll systems
  • Custom interfaces for HR, ERP and CRM systems
  • Seamless payroll integration

Start Improving the Functionality of Your Business Right Now with Attendance Tracking Software

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Don’t let a lack of good employee attendance tracking solution hold your business back any longer – take advantage of SME Solution’s employees time solutions software today.

Want to begin building a better, easier to run business, with SME Solution’s Employee Time Solution Software right now? Simply call us and one of our experts will be able to provide you with more information about our software for time and attendance to help you get started. Whichever industry you are in, we have a right solution for you!

It’s never been easier to make your workplace more convenient. We guarantee you that this is the best time and attendance software on the market right now. Don’t pass up this opportunity to improve the productivity and manageability of your business with the right staff attendance solution – call SME Solutions today on 03 9674 3600.

Timesheets & Mobile Phone and Web Punch

Employee Time Solution Professional is specifically tailored to meet the needs of project-driven organisations. Featuring full-function Employee Self Service with online Time sheets and Web Punch, it streamlines the collection and calculation of employee time and labour information. This ensures payroll accuracy and simplifies the administration of HR tasks. This product helps your web-connected workforce provide information easily, effectively eliminate time theft, delays in the payroll process, and facilitate labour data analysis across the organisation.

Benefits of Employee Time Solution Professional:

  • Allow employees to update personal data, review hours & benefits information, and request vacation days (Leave Management) with Employee Self Service, ESS
  • Enable employees to record actual hours worked against specific projects, departments or jobs using Timesheets
  • Enter eligible expenses (mileage, tolls, etc.) for easy reimbursement and tracking
  • Enable remote workers to sign in and out electronically using the mobile phone with Web Punch

Time sheet & time tracking software

Scheduling Software

The Employee Time Solution Scheduler from our system delivers what other scheduling software tools lack: simplicity! Our clients report that Employee Time Solution Scheduler has turned the tedious task of scheduling into a low maintenance and quick task. But don’t confuse “simple” with “feature light”: on the contrary, Employee Time Solution Scheduler is packed full of functionality, enabling you to schedule, manage and allocate your labour resources for optimum results with minimum effort.

By tracking seniority, qualifications, preferences, and overtime eligibility and balances, we can help you select the right people for the right job while respecting the constraints of departmental budgets, award rules or government regulations. Complete integration with the Employee Time Solution app ensures scheduled time is properly accounted for in employees’ pay. Comparison and variance reports are available to management at the click of a mouse.

Benefits of Employee Time Solution Scheduler:

  • Calendar type reports give employees and supervisors a quick graphic presentation of their schedule
  • Quick reference views show projected daily scheduling requirements to ensure proper staffing during peak/non-peak times
  • “Planned versus Actual” and many other reports offers you the power to respond quickly
  • “Schedule Posting” report enables completed or blank schedules to be posted for employee reference and/or sign-up

Scheduling screen displays number of employees, number of hours, and labour costs in dollars scheduled daily.

If you would like to learn more about our products and services, please don't hesitate to contact us on 03 9674 3600. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to answer your questions.

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