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Tools to Track Time and Attendance of Your Staff

A company’s staff attendance directly affects both their productivity and the results that business has received from its workers. The world of business today is highly competitive and those businesses rely heavily on the both the accountability for results from their employees as well as ensuring that time and attendance fraud is to a minimum or, ideally, non-existent.


An attendance management system not only tracks time, attendance, and productivity of your workforce, it also streamlines your payroll department’s job of handling and indexing hundreds, if not thousands of employee timecards every week or so. By using employee time tracking, companies can start seeing positive changes in both productivity and accountability among their employees.

Companies in Australia who are looking to better organise their employee monitoring capabilities should consider SME Solution for all of their time and attendance tracker needs. SME offers innovative streamlined employee time clock software for everyone from small businesses to enterprise level companies.

Here are some advantageous tools that will streamline productivity and eliminate wasted time:

Task Management Software

Utilising software to organise and delegate tasks is the first step to increasing overall work productivity. Task management tools give employees clear expectations of what needs to be accomplished throughout the work day or even throughout the week. Task management tools allow you as an employer or supervisor to delegate projects among workers. Task managers also allow you to set deadlines for projects so you can more accurately track an individual’s or team’s daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual productivity levels.

Computer Monitoring Software

This is a very general term, but most software will monitor the activity of an employee on their work computer. This software will monitor their internet behaviour and history as well as how much time they actually spent working with necessary software on the computer to complete actual work-related tasks.

Computer monitoring also allows employers and supervisors to hold teleworkers accountable for the same results as regular employees. This type of software helps identify issues with employee productivity and work with them to improve their overall performance level.

Staff Scheduling Software

Scheduling systems are incredibly beneficial for notifying employees of when and how long they will be working on tasks. Scheduling software provides clearly defined expectations for part-time employees while giving employers the ability to organise the chaos of deciding who will work what shift. This type of software also allows employers to track time and attendance for employees and make sure employees are getting the hours thy have requested or the minimum number of hours mandated by the company for that worker.

Enterprise Communication Tools

These tools are usually some form of instant messaging software like Skype, but built specifically for businesses – allowing supervisors and employers to see if an individual is logged in or not. It also allows supervisors to communicate directly with employees and get real-time answers about how a project is progressing or simply inquiring as to what the employee is working on.

Most of these instant messenger apps will allow staff to have one on one communication or communicate with teams through exclusive chat channels. These programs also log in and out automatically when an employee logs out of their computer. Even if an employee leaves the computer open, the software can detect when the computer locks automatically.

Project Tracking Software

Project trackers allow employees on a particular team to see what everyone is working on in real time. This ensures that team members have multiple avenues of accountability for their work. With everything on the table, employees will act more competitively in order to keep up with the production efficiency of other team members.

Project trackers also allow project managers to monitor and assess the overall progress of the smaller tasks associated with a larger project. When one task gets done managers can reassess what is needed to successfully complete the whole project.

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